Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Some Days It Really Feels Like A Garden

Rushing home from work to try and get in as much work in the Seed Room as possible before leaving for "Godspell"rehearsal, I walked into the positively steamingly hot seed room to find a veritable garden growing. Sometimes it seems like I should plant more, but then I look around me... Hundreds of tomatoes and peppers. 40 eggplant. At least 40 celery. 25 cabbages. Basil, oregano, lovage, anise hyssop, one onion all growing on the shelves Rich built. Outside in the garden proper, after several inches of rain over the weekend, the green is creeping over the tilled soil. Soon I'll be back out in the garden... But not on the same schedule as I'd planned for the season. I started a new job at the local university's HR department for the summer... An exciting prospect to do some rewarding work outside of the garden, and limiting the hours available to till and toil is providing a  focus I think I lacked last summer. As I type this, the cast and band prepares for rehearsal. I'd love for everyone to see the Charleston Community Thrust Theatre's production of "Godspell"this weekend... And eat some of my fresh veggies...

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