Saturday, October 22, 2011

Now that the first frost is behind us...

Zinnias with Frosting

Basil, post-frost.

Cosmos in frost
After four days of rain last week, the skies started to clear around sunset on Thursday. I was out in the garden, in the quickly fading light trying to pick every last tomato and pepper, and trying to cover as many of the plants as I could with nearly every sheet from the house. I was surprised by a bolt of sunset, on orange beam on the garden. Later that evening, walking the dogs, the stars were out and our breath was visible. I rose early on Friday, and took a few pictures of the zinnias and cosmos. There was frost on every part of the garden, except what I'd managed to cover. Today, the day after the second frost of the season, was beautiful: cloudless skies, warm temperatures... in fact the weather seems to promise many days of warm weather... maybe the remaining tomatoes will get a chance to ripen. Or else there's going to be a whole lot of fried green tomatoes around here!

I can't believe the garden is basically done for the season. It's been six months since I put the first seeds in the ground. I have had some wild successes (cherry tomatoes, ronde de nice squash, all the herbs I grew...) and some spectacular failures (spinach, onions & garlic, melons). I worked hard, and am proud of the garden. This afternoon I spent some time walking around the garden, taking notes about what worked and what didn't (and if not, why) already making plans for next season. I'm planning on growing in more traditional rows next year, with the hope that it'll make weeding easier. I will spend the next few months planning which varieties I will grow and ordering seeds, and starting seeds, and before you know it, I'll be back out in the garden!

I'm not planning on abandoning this blog over the winter. I've got lots of pictures to share, and plan on posting recipes and more.