Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Freeze Warning

Just as sunset began this evening.

The garden... it looks drier than it is.
Well, after an extended nearly summer-like late winter, now that it's spring, we're finally getting some calendar-appropriate weather. There's a freeze warning for tonight and tomorrow night. I don't really have much to bring in, and am going to hope that the perennials can tough it out...

The seedlings growing in the garage are all doing very well. In fact, I think they've all grown about an inch just today! I'm out of room for more flats, but need to get more started over the next few days... I still haven't started all the varieties of peppers and tomatoes I'm growing. I'm close to being finished, but not quite. (That last sentence is a lot like saying "I'm close to being crazy, but just haven't realized it yet.")

The garden looks very dry. I watered it this morning, and realized it's just the clay soil that makes it seem so dry. Underneath, it's pretty good still, and by the end of the day, a lot more peas and lettuce and radish had poked through the soil. I put in another row of seeds this afternoon. Peas, lettuces, radishes, carrots. Two of the four varieties of radish I planted are from seed I saved from last year. They were very delicious types: French Breakfast and Easter Egg... you'll have to try them sometime. While I was puttering in the garden today, the neighbor across the road was planting their corn. Three tractors working for hours. I worked for hours too, and got one whole row planted, on my hands and knees... But I know everything I harvest from my garden is going to be Delicious. Capital D Delicious.

And with that, I shall go. Time to put away the dog treats I made this evening, and then time to start dinner for us...

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