Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pictures of the Day

The garden in freezing fog.
 One of my favorite weather phenomena occurred this morning: freezing fog. We woke (late) to a world of white. Outside, it was windy & foggy and everything was coated with a layer of ice... So wonderful. I spent quite a while outside with the dogs, taking pictures. They all look like variations on the one above.

All day, it's been foggy. And windy. Until I moved here, I had no idea that it could be both windy and foggy. But apparently, it can. Around sunset, it started to get even foggier than it had been all day, as warm and very humid air moved into East Central Illinois. Below is a picture of the fog rolling in. We're due to have severe thunderstorms tonight, as this crazy winter weather continues!
Fog rolling in at sunset... the firepit in the foreground, Kerouac eating bird poop in the middle ground...

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