Saturday, January 21, 2012

Picture (s) of the Day

Our road, looking east... nothing but ice.

Our driveway. You can see the ice a little better here.
As predicted, we got a miniature ice storm last night. Only about an eighth of an inch, or a bit more, fell... mostly as freezing rain and then sleet, last night. We were in town when it started, but made it home just fine. No falling power lines or branches, luckily. Not much traffic on the road, either, although we heard that once it started, the highways nearby turned into skating rinks and that there were numerous accidents. It's warmed up a bit, almost to freezing, and it looks like the roads are no longer solid ice. After last winter's very snowy season, it seems we are being treated to a rather more typical East Central Illinois winter: with lots of cold, wind and ice, but not too much snow.

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