Monday, January 30, 2012

The first shoots of the year!

It's January, right?
 In further proof that we're having a very odd winter, I noticed plants coming up in the front yard... I'm gonna let them do their thing, especially since I'm planting some more bulbs this week (I'm hoping the phrase "better late than never" works in this case!)  and at least I'll be able to see where things have already been planted! If we ever get a real cold snap, I'll cover them up with mulch, and hope for the best. Looking at the weather forecast, we've got warm weather and rain predicted until the weekend, when they are calling for snow. But that's a long way out, and much could change... As I type this, the thermometer says 55, but with the very strong southerly wind blowing, it feels much colder, which was actually rather disappointing. I'm thinking that if we're not going to have a real winter, it may as get warm so I can get back into the garden, right?
Even more shoots...

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