Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Tomatoes are finally in the garden!

It is already the fifth of June, but only today was I able to get some tomatoes transplanted into the garden. With all the storms and rain last week (almost 5" of rain fell here!) the garden was just way too wet to even walk around in it, let alone dig holes for plants. 

But this afternoon when I got home from work the ground in the two fourteen foot long rows I prepped last week was just right for planting. So I picked out two varieties of tomatoes to plant. In one row, I planted thirteen Taxi tomatoes. I grew these last year, and they were some of our tastiest and most consistent tomatoes from the garden. The plants were prolific and produced even, sweet yellow plum-sized fruits all season long. The second variety I planted today is something called the Rainbow Cherry Blend. I ordered them from Botanical Interests, out of Colorado, and they say that the blend will produce a variety of tasty cherry-sized fruits in colors from red to orange to green to purple and white... I am pretty excited about them  

Elsewhere in the garden, most of the seeds I planted are up. Okra, cucumbers, squash, arugula, radishes, and more... Of course with all the rain, the weeds are up too... 

We are supposed to get more rain tonight and tomorrow, but I am hoping that we don't get too much so I can get much more planted this weekend... Here is hoping to a weekend without too much rain... we haven't had a rain-free weekend in many, many weeks...

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