Friday, September 28, 2012

It's not just produce...

These are some several-day-old zinnias. I brought them in to the office for my coworker, hoping they would brighten her day. (They did!) I love zinnias. I love how they look like fireworks, frozen nearby. I love their multitude of colors and surprising shapes. I love how long they last, cut; that the more I cut them, the more they grow outside. Last year they kept flowering way past the first frosts, until they were perfectly frozen by the big hard freeze in early November. The garden is full of zinnias, cosmos and marigolds. My herb garden is full of four o'clocks and there are sunflowers in front of the barn. I think growing flowers among veggies is so important. Not only does it create food and living space for good things like bees, birds and butterflies, but they provide a welcome break in their riots of color. 

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