Friday, February 3, 2012

Briefly, on fog and potatoes.

The house, from the road to the west.

Our road.
Yesterday we woke to very dense fog. I have never tired of fog. As I write, many of my friends and family in Denver are getting a nice, big snowstorm. I must say I'm a little jealous. It took many hours for the fog to burn off yesterday, and it hit 60 later in the afternoon. Like it did today. It's clouding up, and we're due for rain, they say. But I'd really like some snow. A good break between growing seasons. With bees, flies and moths buzzing around, and plants coming out of the ground, it's got me worried...

Today I did place my first order for the 2012 garden... yellow potatoes. Had a special deal, so I'll be getting them free, so it was a hard price to beat. In the coming weeks, I'll be placing more orders, with the hope of getting seeds started by the start of March. Today, while buying vodka at the drug store, I talked to a woman who's daughter (or daughter-in-law) runs one of the CSA's here in town. She was saying they've been harvesting spinach and lettuce from the hoop houses... and it made me think that next year I'd really like to be telling ya'll about the fresh spinach and lettuce this time of year... I know that every season I'm going to learn more, and every season there will be more challenges. How exciting is that?

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