Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Toast & They're Here!

It's Tuesday afternoon, and this morning was the first day in a week that I've been able to dig out new beds and plant in the garden. The soil was perfect for working, and my only wish is that I would have gotten more than two plots planted. But those plots have 24 tomatoes between the two of them (9 Green Grape plants and 13 Blondköpfchen plants), as well as some garlic, marigolds, geraniums and basil. The Blondies are going to be a yellow cherry tomato, I'm very excited about them. All of the plants were a little leggy, and the day was very windy (& hot) so I hope they do alright. Some of the peas died overnight, and about half of the tomatoes I put in two weeks ago have died. I kind of expected those losses, though, since those tomatoes were so small... The ones that survived look like they're doing better... That said, there are still about 80 tomato plants in the garden now. With more waiting. You'll notice the picture to the left here. My friend, Carrie, brought a bottle of ouzo over this afternoon so I can celebrate the first day of the Farmers' Market. I'm going to the market tomorrow, unfortunately, I won't be selling anything. I just don't have anything that's ready yet. I'm hoping that I'll be ready to sell next week. Fingers crossed...

I did start up my Subscription service today. It's basically an email list that I will use to inform my subscribers when things are ready to buy from the farm. It's one in a growing list of experiments regarding this venture! Also something exciting, or nerve-racking: tomorrow I'll be getting inspected by the Charleston Farmers' Market Growers Association members. They'll come out to check out my farm, make sure that I'm following natural, organic-like, growing practices, and that I'm growing what I say I'll be selling. It's to retain their integrity, and I'm all for it. But I feel a bit like I'm taking a test or facing the authorities... and they might tell me I'm not ready for their group, or they might laugh at the way I'm doing things...all kinds of ways for me to worry about it! I did take a look at the garden with a critical eye this afternoon, and spent a frantic hour weeding. I'm learning how to weed with a hoe, and made great strides today. It really makes some quick work against those weeds. There are still too many weeds out there, but at least it looks a little better. Wish me luck!

One final note: they've arrived: the 13-year cicadas! Many of our trees are covered with their discarded shells, and the afternoon air is alive with their mechanical whirr. I'm pretty excited about the prospect of a 13-year swarm of cicadas, only because I don't recall ever having experienced it. We'll see how I feel next week when it's been going on for a while...

Thanks for reading! Hope to see you at the Farmers' Market (some time...)

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