Monday, March 28, 2011

A few bits and pieces on a sunny & chilly day...

Possibly a portal to the underworld.

The garden as of this morning.
Yesterday and today have been sunny. Such bright and deceptive days, since the air underneath these bright blue skies is cold. But it was nice enough to spend some time outside today, checking out the crocuses blooming in front of the yard and to pick up glass. The earth seems to be pushing broken glass. It seems that every day I find more broken glass scattered throughout the yard. No idea what happened here before, but I do worry for the dogs' feet.

We've got these crazy new hills spouting up in the yard. I'm not sure what kind of critter is making them, but they remind me of ancient burial mounds. But with a hole in the middle. Once they're built up, they're hardening (more proof of the clay make-up of the soil here) into small towers about 6" high. I'm fascinated by them, and equally fascinated by the fact that the dogs don't seem to even notice them. Not even to pee on!

So here's what the garden looks like, as of this morning. Almost all of the onion unfurled last night, in some synchronized movement I missed. The cabbages and broccoli are all developing a second set of leaves, and looking quite robust.

For the past week, each night has been spent at Eastern Illinois University's Tarble Arts Center, in tech rehearsals and then weekend performances of "Driving Miss Daisy". I'm not in the show, but am running the lights. The show is put on by the Charleston Community Theater, one of two different community theater groups in town. This is the second time I've done lights for them, the last time was back in January, when "Tuesdays With Morrie" played. It is so much fun to work with these folks. If you're in Charleston, come see the show this Thursday, Friday or Saturday!


  1. This blog is so well done! Bravo, Joey!

  2. I can't believe Andrea K. hasn't said what is making the portals to the underworld. Surely she knows! I hope it's something furry - rather than scaley! - Lisa C.

  3. @hungry reader: Thank you! I'm just so glad folks are reading and enjoying it! @Lisa... there are so many holes, mounds and tunnels in the yard. I was thinking that I've never lived with such an ALIVE yard!