Friday, February 25, 2011

Late February Snowfall

Last night when we went to bed, it had been raining for about five hours. The weather service was predicting 1-3" of snow overnight. But you never know, right? So we were both so pleasantly surprised to wake to a bright and sunny morning awash in freshly fallen snow. We got about four inches, and it looks like it was blowing in from the north, since all the trees were coated on the north side of their trunks. As I took these pictures, I was wearing my regular snow boots, but I was too lazy to tie the laces, so they were a little open, and I completely forgot that this snow fell on ground that was already completely saturated. So as I walked to take pictures, I kept stepping into deep puddles, hidden beneath the snow in the yard. The price I pay for art! Anyway, I hope you enjoy these pictures!
The nut trees

The woods

Happy, having a private moment

The front yard from a cornfield

Barn & Pig Pen & Compost Bin

Barn closeup

Birdfeeder Tree

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