Monday, January 17, 2011

Waiting For the Birds

Can you see the bird feeder?
It is a warm and cloudy day. The wind chimes have been singing their song all morning and afternoon. Those winds have been busy melting the snow, making fog that clings to the treelines in every direction. We're due to get rain, sleet, freezing rain and snow over the next few days. It finally warmed up enough, though, to put up a bird feeder. My friend, Andrea, sent me this bird feeder a while back, but I hadn't put it up because it was just way too cold to spend on a ladder outside! But yesterday, I finally got it up, with some help from Rich. It's in a great location: in our front yard, hanging from a tree. I can see the feeder from my office window, and from the living room and the dining room. 

I filled it up with wild bird seed from Rural King. (No corn, lots of black sunflower seeds.) I've been doing my research, and thought this bird seed would attract the widest number of birds, and hopefully, the fewest number of squirrels. So far, it has attracted zero birds. None. I'm watching... but nothing. I thought of taking an ad out in the paper to let the birds know it's here. Or a little sign on the road, pointing toward the tree... I'm sure eventually they'll find it, and eat their little birdy bellies into contentment. 

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